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Sonia Neffati Holistic Therapist

About me 

My name is Sonia, I am a holistic therapist based in Auckland, New Zealand. 10 years ago, I decided to go down the path of self-discovery and improve my self-awareness.


The journey started with a book that introduced me to all those alternative therapies. I was on a mainstream therapy for few years and hit a wall. I felt some dimensions of my being, view of my world were not tapped into. Similar patterns kept on re-appearing even though I talked it through, analysed it with my therapist. Mainstream therapy gave me a solid ground to be able to go deeper into my self-discovery and adventure into the world of alternative therapies with confidence.

For many years, I was convinced that I was broken, that my life would get better only when I would be healed. That desperation, that came from a place of lack was unhealthy. I was looking for a magical therapy that will make all my challenges disappear. I adopted the belief that only positive feelings were good, the more challenging ones meant that I was still stuck in my past. It took me years of personal work to realise that those beliefs were keeping me imprisoned in my own cage even if the door was wide open. The alternative therapies that I undertook helped me realised that I had inner strength and inner resources all along.

I started with Reiki, to help balance my chakras, work on my energy field.

Then psycho-genealogy, it is a beautiful tool that highlights limiting beliefs and conditioning from your ancestors. I have been able to release blockages related to relationships and woman status (in my family). I am still working on other ones.

Followed by the energy healing (SCM – Structural Cellular Memories), it worked on my cellular memories at an energetic level. It has been very gentle and has helped me see my world differently.

And finally, rebirth-breathwork. It has been an eye-opener. It was time to give space to my body and emotions to break free, to be released in the most loving way and in a safe space. Rebirth-breathwork has dug very deep.    

All those tools have allowed me to go beyond the illusions of my own world and see it for what it is: the beautiful, the challenging, the ugly, the shameful, the successes, the stories I tell myself….

I feel more peaceful within, and my external world is reflecting that back onto me.     

I am offering all those services to you, and I will be honoured to be part of your journey…

about me

What Clients Say

"I have done a Rebirthing breathwork practionner course alongside Sonia and as a seasoned rebirther, I found Sonia to be such a breath of fresh air! She is honorable, trustworthy and honest. Sonia is highly intuitive, caring and a natural in her field. I have had many breathworks in my journey alongside her. I would highly recommend Sonia to anyone interested in healing. She does not just talk the talk, she walks the walk! and that is what makes a wise and genuine healer. I have no hesitation in trusting Sonia with my truth."


Contact Me

Contact Me

Sonia Neffati

Holistic Therapy - Auckland, New Zealand

Intergenerational Trauma Therapy

Rebirth - Breathwork

Energy Healing

Trauma Release Listening

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