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Intergenerational Trauma


Energy Healing 

Trauma Release Listening






This concept was discovered in the 1970's by a French Psychologist Anne Ancelin Schützenberger based on the fact that specific events, traumas, secrets, conflicts, experienced by an ancestor could condition someone's psychological, and emotional behavior(s). It is believed that some mental blocks, limiting beliefs and traumas are transmitted from generation to generation. 

The approach is also derived from Carl Jung's notion of collective unconsciousness and the idea of "invisible family loyalties". Those inner loyalties or allegiances are part of the unconscious process, as such, we do not know where or what exactly is blocking us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Our beliefs and choices both personal and professional are unconsciously influenced by the family inheritance which prevents us from being who we truly are.

Psycho-genealogy has a double purpose:

  • Bring to consciousness our family mechanisms and belief systems 

  • Help us free ourselves from the ancestor’s inheritances that prevent us from living our life and going after our dreams


I feel it is important to add that not everything is challenging. We have also inherited good qualities, skills, values from our family. The psycho-genealogy allows us to appreciate what we, quite often, take for granted and gets us closer to our ancestors. 

It should be noted that Psycho-genealogy is NOT a professional mainstream psychological service for emotional or mental health needs. If this is what you are looking for, please consult a psychologist, counsellor or psychotherapist.



Our first appointment will be focused on your challenges, family history and goals.

We will then examine your family tree to find the root cause, revealing the invisible loyalties/allegiances into the conscious mind to release the burdens that do not belong to you.

The genosociogram (or family tree) establishes possible links between events, dates, situations and names to reveal their significance into your life. By analyzing the family tree and understanding the links, we will identify the root cause of the mental blocks, limiting beliefs and traumas.

The follow-up appointments will highlight the changes that have occurred, and we will continue to release more patterns if required.



The first session will last up to 1h30     NZ $250

​Follow up session                 1hour    NZ $200




It is a conscious, connected breath that allows us to access parts of ourselves that are often hard to get to through only mainstream therapy. By using the breath to journey inwards, we’re able to quickly and effectively clear suppressed emotions, physical discomfort, limiting thoughts, beliefs, and past conditioning – right back to birth, conception and beyond. The data is held in the subconscious and in the cells of the body.

By clearing these blockages and changing our thoughts and beliefs at a core level, we’re able to change the way we perceive ourselves and the world.


We’re then free to change our behavior and our response to life situations. Once we are no longer suppressing, a huge amount of energy is made available to us.

Energy that was once being used to ‘hold down’, can be turned towards revitalizing and creating health, balance and harmony in the body and mind.

Breathwork is a powerful tool to access your inner self. 



Each session last 2 hours. The first hour is dedicated to understanding your story, challenges, blockages...

The second hour is entirely dedicated to the breath.



NZ $250 per session

Rebirth / Breathwork


Reiki and Structural Cellular Memory Therapy


Pronounced Ray-Key is a natural healing modality involving the laying-on of hands and it works with Ki/Chi or life-force energy.

For centuries, people have known about the invisible force that seems to keep things alive and going. It was understood that energy was flowing around, through and within all living things. The Indians call it Prana, the Chinese call it Chi, the Japanese call it Ki, the Hawaiians call it Huna….

It is an extremely gentle and non-intrusive modality. It also works on non-physical levels with ease.

Every Reiki treatment is different and persons receiving the treatment will report effects such as increased warmth, a tingling sensation or absolute relaxation. Whatever the individual’s experience, the general beneficial effect of the treatment is the same, with the recipient receiving the correct amount of energy to bring about the necessary changes to restore balance within.


During a Reiki session, you will remain fully clothed either seating or lying. I will place my hands over certain areas of the body (head, shoulders, abdomen, hips and knees). I also do distance Reiki sessions.  



NZ $100 for 1 hour

NZ $80 for 45 mins

SCM- Structural Cellular Memory Therapy 

Those are all the information or cellular memories that our body has stored since our conception. They reflect our experiences during conception, gestation, birth and the first few years of our life. They will determine our internal structure which is the foundation of our being, highlighting our strength, and weaknesses.


Each SCM can either be focused on a specific topic such as Gestation/Birth, Childhood, Relationship with the Mother, Relationship with the Father… or can be more general (Love, Peace, Harmony, Balance…).


Example of Intentions related to Gestation - Birth:

  • Release the Structural Cellular Memories linked to the conception and birth: unwanted pregnancy, pregnancy denial, expecting a boy instead of a girl and vice versa, mother’s trauma during pregnancy (physical, emotional chock…), external environment (violence, fear, war, lack…), umbilical cord around the neck…

  • Bring to consciousness and release belief system, judgement: I do not deserve to live, I do not belong here, I must prove my worth, life is hard, I do not find my place in my family sphere or in the world, others have it easier than I, …

  • Create a safe and loving space to welcome all emotions, thoughts, physical sensations, images…

  • Bring to consciousness the lessons: as long as I exclusively look for happiness outside of myself, I take the risk of having my expectations unmet.

  • Understand why our repetitive patterns are not mistakes or bad luck but strategies to reach balance, to connect with our internal resources. 

  • Identify the unmet needs: integrity, interdependence, autonomy, transcendence…

  • Develop self-esteem and self-love: feeling safe inside, feeling at peace despite the external events, understand the experience of Life, celebrate who I am….    



We will talk for 15 minutes to understand where you are at. Then, it will take approx. 30 mins for the energy healing session. You are always fully clothed and are either lying or sitting in a supportive chair.



NZ $100 per session



Trauma Release Listening 


T.R.L. consists of holding space to listen with empathy, and respect to the client’s emotions, experiences, traumas in a respectful, and non-judgmental way. Listening is a primordial component of that modality and allows the use of the mirror method (reformulation of what has been shared).   


During the session, we explore the client’s inner world to release blockages, belief system, traumas… We also highlight stories he/she tells him/herself about him/herself and the world around them. We start from an emotion, an event, a pattern that triggers the client on a regular basis. From there, we follow the path the client is ready to embark on. 


We create a safe and trustworthy environment in which the client feels free to be vulnerable. That technic brings so much clarity, awareness in the behaviors/beliefs we decide to adopt under some triggering circumstances. We never go any faster than what the client is comfortable with.   


Below is a non-exhaustive list of the tools I utilize during a session:

  • Listening with empathy, compassion, no judgement

  • Connecting to the body through physical sensations

  • Inner child work

  • Visualization

  • Breathing technics


Trauma Release Listening is recommended when:

  • You need clarity on a specific situation, behavior

  • You cannot make a decision (blocked by fears)

  • You want to move away from a repetitive pattern

  • You feel stressed, agitated, frustrated


Benefits of Trauma Release Listening:

  • Create healthier relationships

  • Be more authentic - Show up with integrity

  • Clear mind

  • Having the choices to act differently (thanks to better understandings)

  • Defuse conflicts in a respectful and loving way

  • Subtle changes in the way we see our previous challenges

  • Be more daring


That tool has proven to be effective, non-invasive and gentle.   



The session lasts up to 1h30                           NZ $150 per session



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